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As Investor

• Micro Investor

Backbone for the financial contribution
Will be a part of BoG of the society
Minimum Contribution - 25L in five years starting 2021

• Macro Investor
Important for the expansion of school.
Larger contribution are welcomed after confidence build-up
General member of the society
Minimum Contribution - 5L in five years starting 2021

Benefits For Investors

• Monetary Benefits
12.5% Return Subject to the success of the school
Interest on investment will accumulate on equity till breakeven point
Estimated locking period: 5-6 Years
Preference to invest in the upcoming project
• Non-Monetary Benefits
Even after the payback of the entire invested amount ownership will retain
Can take lead in opening a new school
Securing future of the next generation
Post retirement activities and security
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As an Active Participant (Volunteer)

• Eligibility
Active participation in the project
Minimum funding through donation-10L
• Benefits Will be the BoG of the society
Will have ownership of the school
Will get similar non-monetary benefits as a 25L investor
• Upgrade a class every year

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