Applicants are invited for teaching positions at Nursery to STD-V all subjects. For details, please visit the career page. Applicants are invited for a receptionist position. For details, please visit the career page.

Apna School initiative is an alternative to the government schools and expensive private schools. Our aim is not only imparting modern education but at the same time inculcating high moral and ethics in our students as per Indian values and culture for their holistic development. Sadly, it is lacking in the pedagogy of most of the Government as well as private schools today.

We want the common man to be free from the burden of expensive education and it should be accessible to one and all. Our estimates show that holistic development of students through education is possible at less than half the cost as compared to private schools. Besides, parents do not need to worry about any additional financial burden and hassles for tuition classes and competitive exams (e.g., IIT-JEE/Medical NEET/CUET) as the school itself will provide such facilities. We want all stakeholders including investors, parents, students, teachers, staff, and society to feel that this is their school i.e.,“Apna School”.

With this vision, a group of like-minded intellectuals from diverse backgrounds and different parts of the world have established the first school of Apna School Chain at Mahal, Chandankiyari, Bokaro, Jharkhand, whose academic session will commence from April, 2024. Apna School strives to implement the world's best practices to explore the innate talent of every child, to provide QUALITY EDUCATION AT AFFORDABLE COST, and to prepare future ready global citizens believing in
“वसुधैव कुटुंबकम”.

Our aim is not to open another private school; rather, if given the opportunity, we would like to work with the government for development in the field of education. We look forward to everyone’s support in this direction. Come, join hands 🤝in our endeavour of Nation Building!

Explore Our Campus

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A beautiful campus with lots of greenery and essential amenities.

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Modern building with proper ventilation and adequate sunlight and safety measures.

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Sports Facilities

Top-notch sports facilities, including an open gymnasium and outdoor fields.

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Outdoor Amphitheater

A beautiful outdoor amphitheater which has a lot of space.

About Our Campus

We strive to provide a supportive environment where students can thrive academically and personally. Our dedicated faculty and staff are here to assist the students in every step they take. Through our quality faculty, dedicated staff, and resources, we aim to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary for success in their chosen fields.

Student Life

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Get involved in our vibrant campus community through a wide range of clubs and houses. This inculcates a sense of discipline and leadership amongst students and also to encourage participation of all students in every educational and co-curricular based programme.

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Community Service

Make a difference in the local community by participating in various community service initiatives.

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Social Events

Experience a lively social scene with regular events, parties, and gatherings and many more.